Polar Bears on Baffin Island

By: Robert Bateman

$500.00 U.S.

An outstanding Limited Edition print that is numbered 449 / 950 and signed by Robert Bateman. The print measures 20 x 27 1/4 inches, is professionally framed and ready for any wall.

Why “Art Sales By Owner?”

Art Sales By Owner is dedicated to providing a venue that will enable private artwork sellers to achieve the maximum amount of retail exposure at a reasonable cost. It is also dedicated to providing artwork purchasers with an opportunity to easily access a defined market in one place.

There are no commissions, no overheads and no hidden fees.

Whether your artwork was purchased as an investment, was passed down from a relative, created with your own hand, bought at an auction, scooped at a garage sale or simply needs to be replaced, this site is dedicated to helping you find a purchaser that will maximize your return.

Unless a purchaser is looking for a specific item or a specific artist, selling artwork is seldom easy and seldom quick – it often takes years before the right person sees the right piece of art that he or she will fall in love with. ( something like marriage ) “ Patience “ …. “ Price “ …. and ….“ Exposure “ are the key words in successfully selling artwork.

Every Print or Piece of Art Has an Ultimate Buyer !


Probably the worst place to sell artwork unless you have a Picasso or Van Gogh.

There’s usually a limited number of bidders and besides, the auctioneer often charges 25 – 30 % … he’s invariably the only one that makes money with the sale of your art.


Fantastic exposure but extremely costly if your artwork sits around for awhile. By the time you tally up your listing fees plus e-bay’s commission ( which btw is now added to shipping costs ) then you are lucky to come out on top.

Kijiji / Craig’s list

They sometimes work and with no listing costs, they start out as a bargain. The only problem is that their market is often divided into so many segments with smaller areas. Ontario Canada alone, for example, is divided into numerous cities and towns – Is your artwork exposed everywhere ? How about the rest of the North America?


Your local art shop might help you out but usually only if your artwork is perfectly framed and you are willing to pay 30% or more as a commission. Even then, it can still take a long time. Also, your artwork has an extremely limited market.